C. Mahomar is a visual artist indulging in expressionism and conceptual art through multiple disciplines including drawing, writing, and photography. Through her desaturated work, she explores sensory enhancement and storytelling to understand her existential perception of life.

Her career began as a young drawing artist exhibiting realistic monochromatic works that studied anatomy and symmetrical portraiture in her series seres. In 2007, she began exploring photography as a medium for her work. Through photos, she documented behind-the-scenes of the music industry to witness and articulate its influence on the latin culture.

Fulfilling her interests, Mahomar has spent the last decade exploring, documenting, drawing, and writing her inclinations and perceptions as a way to engage with the world. In 2016, she created sentīre to manifest the physiological symptoms of her personal anxiety. The artworks are the beginning of her exploration of expressionism and self-healing through art.

2019 began with a photography work is a photojournalistic series in Northwest India called NOROESTE comprised of images highlighting life’s expressive and poignant behavior. During the pandemic year of 2020 she explored new mediums: a drawing series named #MentalAbstraction, where she is converging lines and simplifying her thoughts through monochromatic expressionism; and cmd+x a gradient experimentation with cut outs and spray paint. 

Mahomar is currently back on tour documenting the influence of latin music around the world. 


2019          sentīre, Festival des Arts et Cultures Numériques, Centre Intermondes, La Rochelle, France

2017          sentīre, Wynwood Juried Show, Curator's Voice Art Project, Miami, Florida

2016          sentīre, Instituto Hondureño de la Cultura Hispánica, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

                 sentīre, Signature, Raw Artists, Melrose Ballroom, New York City, New York

2010          seres, Gran Festival de Pintura Hondureña, Damas Rotarias, Mall Multiplaza, Honduras

2009         seres, Realismo en Dibujo, Chamo Estudio, Hotel Plaza Florencia. Tegucigalpa, Honduras 


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